Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

I think these are a fantastic idea. 3 ways to pimp your hot chocolate in one, nifty stick.

Stir one of these in your drink and you will have a peppermint infused, marshmallow-layered hot chocolate- plus, some melted chocolatey goodness.

Around Christmas a couple of years ago I tried dipping one of the surplus candy canes in a hot chocolate, but, unfortunately I found it to be too minty and, frankly, unpleasant. I'm  not sure whether it just took time or whether it was the additional sweetness of the marshmallows, but when I tried one of these in my hot chocolate the other day, I thought it tasted like milky liquid After-Eights; I am completely converted on the concept.

These have been done by quite a few people, but I found them through a version from MyCandyCrafts. Anyway, these are a really neat idea, especially if you have leftover candy canes from Christmas.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Makes 10 Stirrers


10 candy canes

20 marshmallows

100g chocolate



1. Skewer two marshmallows onto each of the candy canes.

2. Melt the chocolate and dip the stirrers into the chocolate, rolling to cover the marshmallows. Douse the Marshmallows with sprinkles.

3. Leave the stirrers on greaseproof paper at room temperature or in the fridge to until the chocolate has set.

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