Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Caramelised Apple Tartlettes, Apple Sorbet & Apple Chips

I saw this picture a little while ago, and realised that not only did it look great, but that I had the means to whip up my own version without masses of fuss. The dessert is made up of an almond and apple tartlette, apple sorbet, vanilla ice cream, apple chips and some caramel.

For the apple tartlettes, I cut some puff pastry into little rectangles, spread them with a couple of tablespoons of frangipane each (leftover from these bakewell tartlettes, which I had frozen) and baked in a medium oven (around 180C/350F/mark 4) until light golden. I then coated very thin apple slices in sugar which I had melted until golden, and I used these to top the tarts.

For the apple chips, I baked some thin apple slices in a very low oven until dry.

For the apple sorbet, I cooked chopped apples, a little water and enough sugar, to taste, until soft. I then mashed up this mixture and churned in an ice cream machine, adding apple juice as necessary. This could be done without an ice cream machine- just pour the mixture into a container, freeze and mash up every couple of hours.

The caramel I used was left over from this cheesecake.

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