Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kit Kat M&M Cake

For this cake, I stacked up six layers of white cake with vanilla buttercream and covered the outside with ganache- the recipes for these are the same as the ones I used for the Creme Egg Cake. I then simply broke up a lot of regular-sized KitKats (about 2 packs) and arranged them around the outside, and poured M&Ms over the top.

Tragically, I was about one Kit Kat away from being able to cover the entire circumference (no one seemed to notice the difference... after all, how could you criticise a cake slathered in ganache, laden with Kit Kats and M&Ms and dusted with copious amounts of glitter?).

The Kit Kats comfortably stayed in place because the ganache wasn't too thin but you could also tie a ribbon around the outside for extra support and decoration.

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